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Contents of Volume 1 (2002)

Volume 1, Number 4 (Fourth Quarter 2002 - 32 pages)

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  • From the Editor
    An introduction to this, the fourth (and very late) issue of Tullis Trees!
  • Michael Tullis Pension Papers
    by Thomas S. Tullis, using material supplied by Ruth Sims
    Presents photocopies of the actual court records documenting the Revolutionary War service of Michael Ezra Tullis.
  • Descendants of Michael Ezra Tullis
    by Thomas S. Tullis
    Presents a listing of the descendants of Michael Ezra Tullis as I currently have them in my database. This information has been gathered from many different sources and many different people.
  • An Eccentric Tullis Millionaire
    by Thomas S. Tullis
    Tells the unusual story of Jeremiah C. Tullis, who apparently invested well and became a multi-millionaire. But as the newspaper accounts of his death on March 8, 1878, report, he lived like a pauper.
  • A Tullis Bible Record: Family of William Tullis and Sarah Barbee
    Provided by Pat Brown and Bob Sharp
    Includes photocopies of the family history pages of the Family Bible of William Tullis (born 1787) and his wife Sarah Barbee (born 1792). Also includes information about William’s father, Aaron (b. 1753).
  • Tullis Obituaries
    Provided by Sherri Tullis
    Includes obituaries of Freeman Ford Tullis, his wife Henrietta DeVol, and Corporal Ray M. Tullis from the Ottumwa Courier, Ottumwa, IA.
  • The Family of John and Mary (Burns) Tullis
    by Jeff Tullis
    Presents extensive information about the family of John Tullis (Jr.) (born 1812) and his wife Mary Burns (b. 1815). Includes copies of their Family Bible.
  • Statistical Analysis of Tullises in the 1880 Census
    by Thomas S. Tullis
    Presents a statistical analysis of the 1,597 individuals listed in the 1880 U.S. census as having the Tullis (or similar-sounding) surname.
  • Tullis Queries
    Includes a query about John Rufus Tullis of Rapides Parish, LA, and his wife Abbie Christian.

Volume 1, Number 3 (Third Quarter 2002 - 32 pages)

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  • From the Editor
    An introduction to this, the third (and rather late) issue of Tullis Trees!
  • Name Index to The Tullis Tracer
    by Margo Broehl
    The Tullis Tracer was a family-tree newsletter published from 1975 to 1981 by Don and Linda (Tullis) Moran. Ten issues were published. Scanned copies of all issues are available on the web. However, a name index to those issues has not existed... until now! The name index is also available online on The Tullis Tracer site.
  • Genealogy of Robert Tullis: Ancestors and Descendants, 1700 to 1965
    by Richard Tullis
    This article, which includes photos, traces the ancestors and descendants of Robert Tullis (1775-1831) who founded R. Tullis & Company (later Tullis Russell and Co. Ltd.) in Fife, Scotland. The company still exists today and is a highly respected paper-maker.
  • Newell Gibson Tullis Family
    by Thomas S. Tullis
    This article presents information about Dr. Newell Gibson Tullis (1850-1902), who practiced medicine in Thomasville, GA. His first wife, Jennie Carrie Ainsworth, died as a young woman; two of their children lived to adulthood. His second wife was Barbara Zoe Griffin, and they had four children. Includes photos, copies of family history pages from their Family Bible, copies of marriage records, and obituaries.
  • Tullis Photos
    Includes photos submitted by Gerry Del Rio of her grandparents, Harvey Tullis and Gladys Pyle, as well as Harvey’s parents, Isaac Tullis and Nancy Jane Fairchild along with their family.
  • Tullis Obituary & Gravestone Photos
    Includes an obituary for Michael Tullis (1815-1902) from the Ottumwa Daily Courier, Ottumwa, IA, as well as photos of his gravestone and that of his wife, Rebecca. Submitted by Sherri Tullis.
  • Tullis Queries and A Mystery Tullis Photo!
    Includes five reader-submitted Tullis queries and a photo believed to be of an Earl Tullis.

Volume 1, Number 2 (Second Quarter 2002 - 28 pages)

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  • From the Editor
    An introduction to this, the second issue of Tullis Trees!
  • James Wesley Tullis, Washington State Pioneer
    by JoAnn N. Balmer
    James Wesley Tullis was born December 19, 1827, in Carthage, Indiana. He and his brothers crossed the plains with ox teams in 1852, and James became one of the pioneer settlers of what is today Centralia, Washington. Includes photos of their Family Bible.
  • The Sad Story of Aaron M. Tullis (1822-1878)
    by Thomas S. Tullis
    Aaron M. Tullis was born about 1822 in South Carolina, went West with his brother during the California Gold Rush, and eventually settled in the Sacramento River valley. There he became a prosperous fruit-tree grower, with one of the largest orchards in the area. Sadly, he was murdered on August 1, 1878, by men who wanted his valuable land.
  • Notes on the Origins of Tullis
    by Brian Tullis
    Includes notes on the Tullis (and similar) surname in early Scottish records dating back to the 1600’s, especially in the Fife District.
  • Tullises in the Bureau of Land Management Land Patents
    by Thomas S. Tullis
    Presents a listing of 285 records, mostly from 1831 to 1916, documenting the transfer of Public Lands from the U.S. government to individuals named Tullis (or similar). These records do not include the original Thirteen Colonies. Also available as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Tullis Obituaries
    Includes images of ten newspaper obituaries for Tullises, from 1879 to 1954.
  • Tullis Queries
    Includes four reader-submitted queries about Tullis ancestors.

Volume 1, Number 1 (First Quarter 2002 - 26 pages)

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  • From the Editor (Thomas S. Tullis)
    An introduction to this new family history newsletter devoted to the Tullis family.
  • Dr. James Monroe Tullis, 1822-1886
    James Monroe Tullis was born in Edgefield, SC, in 1822, received his medical diploma from the Georgia Medical College, fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War, and died in 1886 in Marion Co., GA.
  • Family Bible of Moses Tullis and Polly Blalock
    Photos and transcription of the family history pages of the Family Bible of Moses Tullis (born 1777) and his wife Polly Blalock (born 1783). Also includes a listing of descendants of Moses and Polly for four generations and photos of the graves in Marion Co., GA, of some of the descendants.
  • Tullises in the 1850 U.S. Census
    Presents a list of 136 heads of household in the 1850 U.S. census with the Tullis name (including Tullos, Tullus, etc). Also available as an Excel spreadsheet.

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