Scott, Smith, McDougal, McGlaun, Taylor, Sanders, Sewell, Hall, White, Wiggins, Cutler, Elliott, Johnson, Peckinpaugh

Compiled by Zola Scott Hardy (1980)

Posted on the Web by Thomas Stuart Tullis (2004)

About the Book

The book Tullis and Allied Families was compiled by Zola Scott Hardy over many years of research and with input from many other family-tree researchers. She published the book in 1980, followed by several loose-leaf updates over the next few years. It is the most complete book of the descendants of Moses Tullis of New Jersey and Virginia that has been published to date. Many Tullises throughout the United States trace their ancestry to this Moses Tullis.

The book was privately printed and since Zola passed away in 1994 copies are now almost impossible to obtain. However, it may be found in a few genealogical libraries, including the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My late father, Dr. I. Frank Tullis, provided information about our Tullis line to Zola and corresponded with her over the years. He also purchased copies of the book for each of his children, which is how I came to have my copy.

Recently I obtained permission from Zola's children to scan the book and post it on the web so that other Tullis researchers can access this information and benefit from it. I'm grateful to Zola's children for granting this permission, and to Duane Hawe for his assistance (including providing a loose-leaf copy of the book for scanning).

The Book

The following are links to scanned images of the 300+ pages of the book. The main links take you to normal web pages showing the scanned pages. The PDF links take you to PDF versions which give you better resolution for printing. (PDF files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print.)

  • Front Matter (or PDF, 745 KB)
    Cover, Table of Contents, Preface, Acknowledgement, About the Compiler
  • Chapter 1 (or PDF, 4.8 MB) (pages 1-20)
    The Name Tullis, Moses Tullis b. ca. 1728 in NJ, Brief Sketches of Moses' Children, Land Purchase in VA, Will, Probate, Court Order, Inventory, How to Use the Genealogical Section, Moses Tullis and Mary Elizabeth Van Dyke (Generation 1), Sarah Tullis (Generation 2).
  • Chapter 2 (or PDF, 1.9 MB) (pages 21-54)
    Moses Tullis II and Letitia Newell (Generation 2); Moses Tullis III and Polly Blalock (Generation 3) comments, Family Bible; Dr. Newell Gibson Tullis obit and letter; Moses Tullis IV and Mariah Maddox (Generation 4); McGlaun Family; Taylor Family; Sanders Family.
  • Chapter 3 (or PDF, 2.6 MB) (pages 55-100)
    Thomas Jefferson Tullis family; Poem by Louise Blake; John Moses Bailington Tullis; Ada Elizabeth Tullis; Advice to a daughter.
  • Chapter 4 (or PDF, 1.8 MB) (pages 101-130)
    John Moses Bailington Tullis; William Newell Tullis; Cornelia Frances Tullis (McDougal); Laura Tullis; Mary Elizabeth Tullis.
  • Chapter 5 (or PDF, 1.3 MB) (pages 131-134)
    John G. Tullis; Gipson Tullis; Catherine Tullis; James Monroe Tullis; Newell Hill Tullis.
  • Chapter 6 (or PDF, 1.0 MB) (pages 135-154)
    John W. Tullis story; William Berry Tullis story; Clayton Thurmond Tullis story; Aaron Tullis and Judith; Margaret Yates Tullis; Newel Tullis.
  • Chapter 7 (or PDF, 1.4 MB) (pages 155-180)
    John G. Smith and descendants.
  • Chapter 8 (or PDF, 1.2 MB) (pages 181-202)
    Aaron Tullis, Sr. and descendants.
  • Chapter 9 (or PDF, 458 KB) (pages 203-210)
    Jonathan Tullis and descendants.
  • Chapter 10 (or PDF, 356 KB) (pages 211-216)
    Michael Tullis and descendants.
  • Chapter 11 (or PDF, 219 KB) (pages 217-220)
    David Tullis and descendants.
  • Chapter 12 (or PDF, 262 KB) (pages 221-226)
    John Tullis and descendants.
  • Chapter 13 (or PDF, 564 KB) (pages 227-228)
    Miriam Tullis and Joel Tullis and descendants.
  • Chapter 14 (or PDF, 544 KB) (pages 229-238)
    Amos Langdon Tullis and descendants.
  • Chapter 15 (or PDF, 321 KB) (pages 239-244)
    William Tullis and descendants.
  • Chapter 16 (or PDF, 643 KB) (pages 245-251)
    Catherine Tullis and Mary Elizabeth Tullis and descendants.
  • Chapter 17 (or PDF, 210 KB) (pages 252-256)
    Miscellaneous Tullis.
  • Photos (or PDF, 2.6 MB)
    Eleven pages of photos from the book. Names are given in the captions, but they are not included in the index.
  • Errata and Addenda (or PDF, 1.3 MB)
    Additions and corrections to the book issued by the compiler.

Name Index (or PDF, 2.2 MB) (pages 257-300)

Since the name index of a book like this is so important (which Zola obviously recognized), I have used Optical Character Recognition to convert the scanned pages of the index to searchable pages. The index pages can be found here, divided alphabetically by surname:

A-B-C | D-E-F | G-H-I | J-K-L | M-N-O | P-Q-R | S-T-U | V-W-X-Y-Z

Note: The name index is searchable using the Search box on the Tullis Trees homepage.

Note: You can also download a PDF of the entire book, but it is quite large:

Tullis and Allied Families: Complete Book (20 MB)

Privacy and Error Correction

Note that this book has been reproduced in its entirety. Consequently, like the original book, these pages may contain information about people who are still living. If you find information on your immediate family (yourself, siblings, parents, children) and would like to have it removed, contact me (as indicated below) and I will attempt to strike out the relevant portions of the page images. (Note that these are simply scanned images of the pages, not electronic text, so changes are not easy. That also means that search engines will not be able to find information in the scanned pages.)

Like any genealogical work of this magnitude, it will contain errors. To retain the original contents of the book but also indicate errors or additions, I am indicating corrections and/or additions with small yellow icons beside the information they relate to. The associated note is then shown at the bottom of that page. For example, you can see such a comment in Chapter 5 on page 132, next to the entry for James Monroe Tullis, M.D.

Readers are encouraged to submit comments, corrections, or additions to the book to be shown in this manner. You can either print the relevant pages and fax the commented pages to me or email any changes to me at TomTullis @ aol.com.

Contact Information:
Thomas S. Tullis
Email: TomTullis @ aol.com
Fax: (508) 256-0527

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