Tullis Trees

A Family History Newsletter

Volume 5, Number 1

1st Half 2006

Update on the Mystery Photo of Cleo Tullis

by Thomas S. Tullis

In Vol. 3, No. 3, of Tullis Trees, I included the photo shown here that was identified as “Cleo Tullis”. (Full-size photo.) I had acquired it on eBay, and the only other information was that it came from the “Daugherty Estate” of Canton, OK, and that the family was originally from Kansas but moved to Oklahoma to run a hotel there.

I now believe I know who this Cleo Tullis was. In working on the previous article on the descendants of Richard Daniel Morgan Tullis, and in particular of his son Wilfred (or Wilford) and his family, some of the names started to ring a bell. Wilfred Tullis married Eva Daugherty, and they had a daughter named Winola Cleo Tullis who was born in 1892. I believe this is a photo of that daughter. The type of photo (cabinet card) makes it likely that it was taken in the 1890’s, which is consistent with the apparent age of the girl in the photo. And her mother was a Daugherty. The head of the Daugherty family in Canton, OK, that ran a hotel there was a Samuel Daugherty who was born about 1868 in Ohio (based on a 1920 census for Canton, OK). I believe this was a brother of Eva Daugherty who married Wilfred Tullis and had Cleo. So Cleo would have been a niece of Samuel Daugherty in Canton, OK.

Discovering what became of Winola Cleo Tullis has been more challenging. I did find a marriage record in Johnson Co, Nebraska, documenting the marriage of Winola Cleo Tullis and “Wieford E. Dvid” between 1909 and 1916. Given that the bride’s name is listed exactly as Winola Cleo Tullis, I’m sure this is she, and the date range for the marriage is consistent with her age. But I suspect there were transcription errors in the name of the groom. My best guess is that his correct name was probably “Wilford E. David”. Although I located a Wilford E. David of about the right age in the 1920 census in Seward Co, Nebraska, his wife is shown as a “Wilhomena”, so that doesn’t appear to be the right couple. I have not been able to find Winola Cleo and her husband in any other records.

So even though I think we now know who Cleo was, and even who she married, we still don’t know what became of her or if she had children. I’d still like to hear from anyone who has any thoughts or clues.

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