Tullis Trees

A Family History Newsletter

Volume 4, Number 4

4th Quarter 2005

Henry Spurgeon Tullis (1918-1984)

Editor’s Note: Henry Spurgeon Tullis wrote the following short paragraphs about his own adult life.

Spurgeon received an Honorable Disability Discharge from the U.S. Army. He served with the 236th Signal Corps in World War II, from 1941 till mid 1945. He was at Fort McPherson, Atlanta, Fort Dix and Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. He served two years in C.B.I (China Burma India) Theater of Operations. He spent four years in Veteran's Hospitals and returned home in 1949. Got married in 1950 and tried to lead a normal life although he was only able to work part-time. He graduated from the National Radio and T.V. Institute, Chicago, Illinois. He also graduated from the Government Radio and T.V. at Gainesville, Georgia.

He operated his own radio and T.V. appliance repair and sales shop by working spare time, from 1952 till 1962. He helped his wife Thelma operate Tullis Community Super Market from 1964 till 1967. They also had a big poultry business. This was Thelma's business also, he just sort of helped the boss. Then he helped managed her auction business, Hamilton Mill Auction Co and also Poor Boys Auction. Everyone called him "Poor Boy". Very few people knew his real name. He tried to help lots of people.

Henry Spurgeon Tullis, about 1940 (Full-sized image)

About 1942, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey (Full-sized image)

In Assam, India, 1944. He writes that this is the “basha” where he lives. The poles he is sitting on are used to remove the thatch roof if it catches fire. Assam is a state in northeastern India, near Bhutan. He served here in the China-Burma-India Theater of Operations, whose major role was to keep supply lines open to China, as their coastal areas had been captured by Japan. That left air supply over the Himalayas. (Full-sized image)

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