Tullis Trees

A Family History Newsletter

Volume 4, Number 4

4th Quarter 2005

From the Editor

Thomas S. Tullis (TomTullis @ aol.com)

Even though it’s well into 2006 as I write this column, this is actually the last issue of 2005. Yes, I’ve fallen way behind on my original publishing schedule for this newsletter. Little things like my “real” job keep getting in the way. That’s why I’ve decided to drop down to two issues per year starting with the 2006 issues. So there will be two issues for 2006, and I hope to actually get them out between now and the end of the year. My expectation is that we will stay at two issues per year going forward. Unfortunately, I need to keep the cost of the printed subscriptions at $15 per year since that never came close to covering the actual costs of printing and mailing the newsletter. As always, online subscriptions are free. And, as always, articles, photos, and other material are needed for future issues! Please email them to me at TomTullis @ aol.com.

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