A Family History Newsletter

Volume 4, Number 3

3rd Quarter 2005

The Richard Tullis Family of
Columbiana County, Ohio
Part 9: Melissa Ann Tullis

by Carolyn Miller (carolyn_miller @ hotmail.com) and Patricia Tullys (ptullys @ neo.rr.com)

Editor’s Note: This is the ninth installment of extracts from the book “The Richard Tullis Family of Columbiana County, Ohio” by Carolyn Miller and Patricia Tullys (1989). In this installment, we focus on the seventh child of Richard Tullis and Rachel Barrett: Melissa Ann Tullis.

Melissa Ann (Tullis) Cress (1830-1896) (full-sized image)


Melissa Ann Tullis b. Aug. 4, 1830 d. Nov. 2, 1896 marr. Oct. 28, 1848
Michael Cress b. Apr. 5, 1819 d. Feb. 21, 1895
Four children: Elmanda, William, Melvina, Charles.

Melissa Ann Tullis was born August 4, 1830, and died on November 2, 1896. Her death was the result of being hit by a train. She was in a buggy with her daughter Melvina when the accident occurred near her home in East Palestine.

She must have been a busy little girl with 10 brothers in the house. She was the seventh child in the family. Her only sister Mary was the last of the Tullis children so Melissa probably had a lot of jobs to do to help her mother. On the 1840 census there is another girl living in the household who was probably a hired girl, since by then there were eleven children to be fed and clothed.

Melissa married Michael Cress on October 28, 1848, when she was 18 years old. Michael was born April 5, 1819, in Greencastle, Pennsylvania and was 11 years older than Melissa. His father was George Cress who was born in Maryland. His mother was Anna Maria. The Cress family came into Columbiana County about 1825. They lived in and near East Palestine.

On the 1850 census Michael was listed as a chairmaker; in 1860 he was a cabinet maker; in 1870 he was a laborer, and in 1880 he was a photographer. This was a craft that his children Melvina and William carried on as did others of his family, namely William's son-in-law Walter Miller and Michael's grandson William Cress.

Four children were born into the Michael Cress family: Elmanda, William, Melvina and Charles. Although there were only four Cress children, it makes the biggest section of this book. Elmanda was the progenitor of a large group of people. She had 11 children and her oldest daughter Maggie Beight had 10. Melvina Cress married late in life and had no children and Charles had only one daughter. Elmanda's offspring amount to nearly three times as many as her two brothers do.

Nov. 5, 1896 - New Lisbon Ohio Patriot

Mrs. Melissa Cress age 65 years living near East Palestine was struck by a train on Ft. Wayne Read last Monday evening and instantly killed. Her daughter who was with her when the accident happened was injured in trying to get her mother off the track. This on account of a westbound freight going at the time. They did not see the train.

The children of Melissa Ann Tullis

G1 Elmanda Selethe Cress married Henry Beight
Children: G11 Maggie, G12 William, G13 Barbara, G14 Harry, G15 Linda, G16 Sadie, G17 Melvina, G18 Herbert, G19 Fred, G1(10) James, G1(11) Ross.

G2 William Alpheus Cress married Ellen Ruth (Ella) Flowers
Children: G21 Florence, G22 Myrtie, G23 Clifton, G24 Adah, G25 Victor, G26 Archie, G27 Charles, G28 William.

G3 Melvina Cress married George D. Moore.
No children.

G4 Charles Isaac Cress married Mary A. Cannell
Chidren: G41 Norma.

First child of Melissa Tullis Cress:

G1 Elmanda Selethe Cress b. Aug. 12, 1849 d. Mar. 20, 1930
marr. Henry Beight b. Mar. 1851 (1852) d. Aug. 28, 1926
Eleven children: Maggie, William, Barbara, Harry, Linda, Sadie, Melvina, Herbert, Fred, Jonas, Ross.

Second child of Melissa Tullis Cress:

G2 William Alpheus Cress b. Feb.6, 1851 d. Oct.17, 1894
marr. Ellen Ruth (Ella) Flowers b. May 1861
Eight children: Florence, Myrtle, Clifton, Adah, Victor, Archie, Charles, William.

William Cress died at the age of 43. His children were quite young; Ethel was 16, Myrtle was 15, Ada was 10, Victor was 8, Archie was 6, Charles was 4 and William was 3.

Third child of Melissa Tullis Cress:

G3 Melvina Cress b. June 2, 1853 d. Mar. 17, 1931
marr. Mar. 4, 1904 George D. Moore b. Feb. 20, 1857 d. Jan. 10, 1941

Fourth child of Melissa Tullis Cress:

G4 Charles Isaac Cress b. Aug. 15, 1862 d. Feb. 10, 1939
marr. Jan. 13, 1887 Mary A. Cannell b. Feb. 1868 d. Aug. 5, 1949
One child: Norma.

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