A Family History Newsletter

Volume 4, Number 3

3rd Quarter 2005

Arthur Louis Tullis Family Photos

L-R: Susan Ruth (Orsborn) Tullis, Edith Pearl Tullis (front), Cap L. Tullis (rear), and Bessie Eva Tullis. (Full-sized image)

Five-generation photo

Five-generation Photo, abt. 1918: L-R: Nellie (Tullis) McFarland holding her son Robert Clifford McFarland; her father Forest Clifford Tullis; his father Arthur Louis Tullis, and Arthur's mother Margaret (Kiser) Tullis. (Full-sized image)

Photo of Forest Clifford Tullis and Jessie Comp

Forrest Clifford Tullis (1872-1937) and his wife Jessie F. Comp (1870-1957). They were married in October 1895, which is probably when this photo was taken. Jessie was a daughter of Henry Comp and Nancy Airsmith. Forrest and Jessie had one child, Nellie C. Tullis (1896-1932), who married Robert H. McFarland. (Full-sized image)

Edith Pearl Tullis (1879-1947). Above: June 1912 (Full-sized image). Below: Later in life (Full-sized image).

Bessie Eva Tullis (1877-1941) (full-sized image), and at right with her husband Edward Seaba (full-sized image) (Also see a photo of Bessie and Edward Seaba's children from about 1907.)

As indicated on the back (below), this photo (full-sized image) was taken on January 1, 1908, at the home of Arthur Louis Tullis, 3412 8th St. in Des Moines, Iowa. However, it appears that Arthur Tullis is not in the photo; he may have taken it. The people in the photo, starting on the left, appear to be Rita (Boyles) Tullis (Arthur’s second wife) followed by Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Allen (unknown relationship to the Tullis family). Next, the older woman is Margaret (Kiser) Tullis (Arthur’s mother). The two youngest girls appear to be Dorothy and Gretchen Allen. The older girl is probably Ethel West Tullis, daughter of Kittie Clyde Tullis and a Mr. West. Kittie died when Ethel was born and Ethel was raised by her grandfather, Arthur Tullis. On the right in the photo is Forrest Clifford Tullis.

(Full-sized image)

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