A Family History Newsletter

Volume 4, Number 2

2nd Quarter 2005


Thomas Monroe Tullis Family of Cherokee County, Texas

Photos and information provided by Edgar & Nancy Bice and Susan (Bice) Bulcken

Thomas Monroe Tullis was born on 15 July 1872 in Alto, Cherokee Co, Texas, a son of James Monroe Tullis (1839-1879) and his wife Mary Elizabeth Singletary (1845-1920). On 29 March 1893, Thomas married Hattie Snow. They had six children: Mary Louise (b. 1896), Winnie Lee (b. 1898), Annie Elizabeth “Bunnie” (b. 1902 and pictured on the cover), Thomas Herman (b. 1907), William Frederick “Billie Fred” (b. 1913), and Margaret Snow (b. 1919). Photos of the family and their descendants are presented, as is their Family Bible.

The Richard Tullis Family of Columbiana County, Ohio
Part 8: Thomas Lewallen Tullis

by Carolyn Miller and Patricia Tullys

This is the eighth installment of extracts from the book The Richard Tullis Family of Columbiana County, Ohio by Carolyn Miller and Patricia Tullys (1989). In this installment, we focus on the sixth child of Richard Tullis and Rachel Barrett: Thomas Lewallen Tullis (1828-1880). Thomas married Matilda Dickey on Sept. 2, 1852. They had ten children: Franklin Harvey (b. 1853), William Elmer (b. 1855), Thomas Alvin (b. 1858), Elsworth Emmit (b. 1860), Mary Luella (b. 1862), Margaret F. (b. 1865), John William (b. 1868), Ira (b. 1871), Ida Lenora (b. 1874), and Charles (b. 1878). Includes their Family Bible, photos, obituaries, and a listing of known descendants.

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