A Family History Newsletter

Volume 4, Number 1

1st Quarter 2005

Samuel Balding Tullis and Bridget Cordelia Shea

Samuel Balding Tullis was born February 1854 in Tippecanoe Co, Indiana, the youngest son of Jesse H. Tullis, Jr., and his first wife, Lydia Ann Mintonye. Samuel and his older brother, George, appear in the 1870 census in Danville, IL, with their mother, Lydia, and her second husband, Charles Smith.

Samuel married Bridget Cordelia Shea on 25 February 1878 in Springfield, Illinois. She was a daughter of Thomas Shea and Molly McMillen. She was born August 30, 1856, in Clinton, IL, and died December 27, 1930, in Tuscola, Douglas Co, IL. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a photo of Cordelia in the album, but Ann Tullis Nolan (a great-grand-daughter) was able to provide a photo, as shown in the next section.

Samuel and Cordelia had two children: Laura Jeanette Tullis (born November 19, 1878) and George Wesley Tullis (born October 26, 1881). Laura Jeanette married Charles L. Derrickson on 25 January 1899 in Chester, IL. They had no children. She died 10 December 1944 in Dade Co, FL, and is buried in Tuscola, IL. George Wesley Tullis married Nora Caroline Bloom on May 22, 1907, in Hagerstown, MD. They had five children: Nevin Montanye Tullis, Laura Jeanette Tullis, Anna Elizabeth Tullis, Daisy Eloise Tullis, and Lorraine Eleanor Tullis. George died on 8 April 1958 in Hagerstown, MD.

Samuel worked as a conductor for the Wabash Railroad for many years. He died on 18 June 1894 at the age of 40 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL, and is buried there in Greenwood Cemetery.

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