A Family History Newsletter

Volume 4, Number 1

1st Quarter 2005

George Whitfield Tullis and Hortense W. Johnson

George Whitfield Tullis was born February 1852 in Indiana, a son of Jesse H. Tullis, Jr., and his first wife Lydia Ann Mintonye. George and his younger brother Samuel appear in the 1870 census in Danville, IL, with their mother, Lydia, and her second husband, Charles Smith. (Also see the photo of George on the cover of this issue.)

George married Hortense “Hort” W. Johnson on 8 June 1875 in Danville, Vermilion Co, IL. By 1880, the couple had moved to Girard, Kansas, like George’s older brother, William. They appear there in the 1880 census with two young daughters, Julia and Ora, along with Hortense’s sister, Ora Johnson. By 1900, they are back in Danville, Vermilion Co, IL, where they appear in the census along with their two daughters.

George died in Danville on 16 February 1934.

Hortense W. Johnson was born March 1853 in Bismark, IL, a daughter of John H. Johnson and his wife Amanda. She appears with her parents in the 1870 census in Vermilion Co, IL. In various records her name is sometimes also given as Maryhortness, Mary, or Vera.

Hortense and George had two daughters: Mary Julia Tullis (born August 16, 1876) and Ora Lydia Tullis (born 1878). See additional photos of the family below.

Hortense died in 1934 in Danville, IL.

Additional Photos of George W. Tullis, Hortense, and Family

provided by Ann Tullis Nolan

Front row: Hortense (Johnson) Tullis and George W. Tullis. Back row: Mary Julia Tullis and Ora Lydia Tullis.

George W. Tullis and Hortense

Mary Julia Tullis married William H. Carter on October 5, 1904, in Danville, IL. She died Dec. 6, 1950, in Danville. They had one child, Tullis Ninion Carter, born January 6, 1906, in Winnepeg, Manitoba. Tullis Carter married Margaret Swaisland in 1934 and died in 1995 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He studied his family tree extensively and originally provided some of these photos to Ann Tullis Nolan.

Ora Lydia Tullis married Albert W. Steube. She died July 2, 1958, in Danville.

L-R: Mary Julia (Tullis) Carter, George W. Tullis, Hortense (Johnson) Tullis.

George W. Tullis and his grandson, Tullis Ninion Carter.

George W. Tullis in Winnipeg, Canada, about 1900-1910

Clockwise from left: Laura (Smith) Martin, Julia (Tullis) Carter, Hortense (Johnson) Tullis, and Ora (Tullis) Steube. Child in center: Tullis Ninion Carter. Laura (b. 1860, d. 1948) was a daughter of Lydia Mintonye and her second husband, Charles Smith, and thus was a half sister of George W. Tullis. She married a William Martin in 1885 in Tuscola, Douglas Co, IL.

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