A Family History Newsletter

Volume 4, Number 1

1st Quarter 2005

Lydia Ann (Mintonye) Tullis Smith

The photo above was in the album unidentified. However, Ann Tullis Nolan provided the photos of Lydia (Mintonye) Tullis Smith immediately below (as an older woman) and further below (as a young woman). It seems clear that the unidentified photo above is also Lydia. In the photo above, she is wearing exactly the same type of necklace as her daughter-in-law, Sarah Jane “Sadie” (Malone) Tullis. In the fascinating photo as a young woman below, Lydia is wearing several items that appear to be Native American. In a letter written by Tullis N. Carter (and provided by Ann Tullis Nolan) he states that “I was always led to believe that my great-grandmother, Lydia, was a full-blooded Cree Indian”. According to information provided by Ann Nolan, Lydia’s parents were Peter Mintonye (b. 1799 in NY) and Martha Balding (b. 1795 in NY). Both died in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN.

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