A Family History Newsletter

Volume 3, Number 4

4th Quarter 2004

About Amos E. Tullis

Working backwards from the present, I found the Death Certificate for Amos E. Tullis, who died on 9 September 1937 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN. He was buried at Crystal Lake Cemetery. It also specifies that he was born on 1 May 1860 in Grafton (Jersey Co), Illinois:

Note that this indicates that his father was named Louis Tullis, born in Holland. I believe this refers to Holland, Lucas Co, Ohio. And other records more commonly spelled his name as Lewis. It also specifies that his mother was Rachael Gilbert, born in Illinois.

Amos appears in the 1930 census in Third Ward, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN (ED 27-31, Sheets 20A and B), as a widower, along with his grandson, Thomas Maley:


Note that Amos is listed as the Proprietor of an Artificial Limb company, and that his grandson Thomas has apparently become his partner.

Continuing to work backwards, Amos appears in the 1920 census (Third Ward, Minneapolis, Hennepin Co, MN, ED 44, Sheet 5A) with his wife Madeline:


Note that both the 1930 and 1920 censuses indicate that the father of Amos Tullis was born in Ohio. I found the death record for Madeline Tullis, who died in Hennepin Co, Minnesota, on 4 February 1927. Steve Maley was able to provide the information that her maiden name was Burgess.

In 1910, we find the family living in 5th Ward, 1st Pct, Fargo, Cass Co, North Dakota (sheet 3A):

Note that in some census records, such as this one, Amos’ middle initial appears clearly to be “S”, but in most records, it is shown as “E”. Steve Maley was able to clear up the confusion a little by explaining that Amos always went by the name “Sid”. We now see their sons Charles (age 16) and Ernest (age 13), as well as their daughters Carrie (age 23, with her husband Jason Walker) and Frances L. (age 18, with her husband Levi O’Malley). (Frances and Levi became the parents of Thomas S. Maley who appeared in the 1930 census with Amos.) In reality, Carrie was a daughter by Madeline’s first marriage, to a William S. Billmeir.

We also find the family in Fargo in the 1900 census (5th Ward, Fargo, ED 34, Sheet 12):

Now we also see two older daughters, Minnie (b. 1880) and Nellie (b. 1882), who is married to a William White. These are also daughters by Madeline’s previous marriage, but we believe that they adopted the Tullis name.

In the 1880 census, Amos appears to be listed as an 18-year-old servant in the household of a Nicholas Kaslick and his family in Quarry Twp, Jersey Co, Illinois. Also in the same township (in fact, on the previous census page) is the household of a Franklin Tullis, including his wife Rachel, daughters Dollie (age 16), Harriet (age 9), and Mattie (age 4), and son James (age 12).

In the 1870 census, Amos appears as a 9-year-old in his parents’ household in Woodstock Township, Schuyler Co, Illinois, page 209:

The father appears to be listed here as “Lafayette F.”. This entry is a bit of a mystery. Other records indicate that the father’s name was Lewis Franklin Tullis. Amos’s older siblings Lewis D. (age 17) and Mary F. (age 11), appear in this census, as do younger siblings Cassie (probably “Dollie” in the 1880 census)(age 6), James C. (age 2), and Franklin (age 1). The absence of Franklin Jr in the 1880 census would imply that he died young.

The family then appears in the 1860 census in Grafton, Jersey Co, Illinois (page 28):

In addition to Franklin (age 32), Rachel (age 36), and their two young children, Lewis (age 6) and Mary F. (age 1), there is a David Tullis (age 18). Obviously he is too old to be a child of Franklin and Rachel. Perhaps he was a much younger brother of Franklin?

We also find the Civil War pension records for Lewis F. Tullis and his widow Rachel:

Civil War service records indicate that Lewis F. Tullis enlisted in the Union Army on 11 August 1862 in Grafton, Illinois. He enlisted as a Private in Company K, 97th Infantry Regiment Illinois. He received a disability discharge from the same unit on 14 January 1863, indicating that he had probably been wounded. The dates of filing of the pension applications above would indicate that Lewis Franklin Tullis died between 1890 and 1898.

Continuing to work back, we find a Franklin Tullis of about the right age in the 1850 census in the household of a Polly Tullis in District 29, Lee Co, Iowa (page 471):

It is possible that Polly (b. abt. 1809) was Franklin’s mother and that he had a brother David (age 20) and sister Mary E. (age 16). Apparently Polly’s husband and the father of these children had died by 1850. It’s also possible that this was not Franklin’s immediate family, since he is listed out of age order, is shown as a “Laborer”, and his surname is given, unlike the way the other children are shown.

Unfortunately, this is where the trail ends. There do not appear to have been any other Tullis families in Lee Co, Iowa, in the 1850 census that give us any clues about the father of Franklin Tullis. If anyone has any thoughts about who the father of Franklin Tullis was, I would appreciate hearing from you.

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