A Family History Newsletter

Volume 3, Number 2

2nd Quarter 2004

Tullis DNA Project Update

by Thomas S. Tullis

The Tullis Surname DNA Project is off to a good start! As described in the last issue, this project tests the Y chromosome of male Tullises to determine if they share a common male ancestor. (See http://www.tullistrees.org/SurnameProject/ for more information.) As of now, the tests for two of us have been completed: Craig Tullis and myself. See the chart below for our respective lines. Craig traces his Tullis line back to Aaron Tullis (1753-1840). I trace my Tullis line back to Moses Tullis (~1750-1817). Aaron and Moses are widely assumed to have been brothers, sons of Moses Tullis (1720s-1777). However, that relationship was largely based on circumstantial evidence, because there is no original source, that I know of, which clearly documents all the children of “the first” Moses Tullis. (Only his younger children are named in his will.) We now have proof of the connection! The DNA tests for Craig and me yielded an exact match! There are 12 “markers” on the Y chromosome that the test looks at. All 12 of those markers yielded an exact match, proving that we share a common male ancestor. This proves that one of the major Midwestern/Northern U.S. Tullis lines (Aaron’s) is in fact related to one of the major Southern U.S. Tullis lines (Moses’). (Aaron moved his family from Virginia to Ohio; Moses moved his family from Virginia to Georgia.)

We’re now awaiting the results of a test that Peter Tullis of Australia has done. Peter traces his line back to Scotland. If we get a match with Craig and me, we will know that “the first” Moses Tullis also traces his lineage back to Scotland! But we still need more Tullis males to participate, so please check out the website!

Moses Tullis
Moses Tullis
Aaron Tullis
Moses Tullis
First Cousins
Stephen B. Tullis
James Monroe Tullis
Second Cousins
John B. Tullis
Newell Gibson Tullis
Third Cousins
George Anderson Tullis
Isaac Frank Tullis
Fourth Cousins
William Benjamin Tullis
Isaac Frank Tullis, Jr.
Fifth Cousins
William Edwin Tullis
Thomas Stuart Tullis
Sixth Cousins
Frederic Charles Tullis
Frederic Craig Tullis

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