A Family History Newsletter

Volume 3, Number 1

1st Quarter 2004

Tullis Surname DNA Project

by Thomas S. Tullis

As some of you may know, recent advances in "genetic genealogy" have made possible some new ways of studying our family history. One important advance is the Y-DNA test, which can determine if two males share a common male ancestor, even many generations back. To learn more about our Tullis lines and how they inter-connect, I am starting a Tullis Surname DNA Project. (See http://www.familytreeDNA.com for more information about the company that provides the analyses.) I have agreed to be the coordinator for the project. Since this analysis is done via the Y-chromosome, which only males inherit, participation is limited to males with the Tullis (or similar) surname. If we can get relatively broad participation by Tullis males, I hope we will be able to determine if male descendants of various Tullis lines, such as the following, share a common male ancestor: (1) The "Southern U.S." Tullises and the "Midwestern U.S." Tullises; (2) The "Gwinnett Co, GA" Tullises and the other "Southern" Tullises; (3) The descendants of Claudius/Cloud Tullos of Virginia and the descendants of Moses Tullis of New Jersey; (4) The descendants of Moses Tullis and those of his (presumed) brother, William Tullis; (5) The descendants of any of the U.S. Tullis lines and the descendants of any Tullis lines that trace to Scotland. This analysis could answer some very basic questions that Tullis researchers have never been able to answer before, such as whether the earliest Tullises in the U.S. came from Scotland, and whether the two major Tullis/Tullos lines in the U.S. (the NJ and VA migrations) are connected.

Participation in the project is very simple. The test kit, which costs about $100, involves a mouth swab that is then sent in for analysis. Participants will get access to the results online to see who else they share paternal ancestors with. If you are interested in participating, or have any questions, please contact me (TomTullis@aol.com).

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