A Family History Newsletter

Volume 3, Number 1

1st Quarter 2004


From the Editor
An introduction to this issue of Tullis Trees.

Tullis Surname DNA Project
by Thomas S. Tullis
An introduction to a genetic genealogy study being started to determine if various Tullis males share a common paternal ancestor. For example, if we can determine that a descendant of Moses Tullis (of New Jersey) shares a paternal ancestor with a descendant of Claudius Tullos (of Virginia), that will establish a connection between the two lines.

A Tullis Photo Album
Photos supplied by Stephen Altic; text and research by Thomas S. Tullis
Presents 30 photos from an old Tullis photo album. The album is believed to have belonged to the family of Oliver M. Tullis of Troy, Ohio, and all the photos appear to be from the 1860ís or 1870ís. Oliver was a photographer in the Troy area and he took many of these photos, which include his own family, all of his siblings, and many members of their families. Also includes a report of the known descendants of Oliver and his siblings.

The Richard Tullis Family of Columbiana County, Ohio
Part 3: David Barrett Tullis & Family

by Carolyn Miller and Patricia Tullys
This is the third installment of extracts from the book, The Richard Tullis Family of Columbiana County, Ohio by Carolyn Miller and Patricia Tullys (1989). In this installment, we begin to focus on the children of Richard Tullis (1794-1856) and Rachel Barrett (1800-1856), starting with the oldest, David Barrett Tullis (1818-1876) and his family. Includes a listing of the known descendants of David and his wife Mary Lucinda Miller.

Old Tullis Photos
Photos provided by Sharon Bryant and Debra McCarthy
Presents two old photos that include Tullises. First is a photo of Thomas Jefferson Tullis (1850-1928) and his wife Sarah Maria Metzinger (1848-1905). Next is a photo of Oliver Eldervirt ("Bert") Tullis (1864-1943), his wife Mary Parsons (1862-1936), and their extended family standing in front of the second-hand store that Bert owned in Decatur Co, Iowa.

Multi-Generation Tullis Photo
Photo provided by William M. Tullis
Presents a photo from about 1950 including four generations of Tullises, starting with Harry Tullis (1868-1953).

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