A Family History Newsletter

Volume 2, Number 4

4th Quarter 2003

From the Editor

Welcome to this fourth issue of Volume 2 of Tullis Trees! Unfortunately, Iíve fallen behind again on the publishing schedule, since itís January 2004 as I write this column. I hope to be able to catch up, but Iíll need your help. I encourage everyone to continue to submit articles, photos, family group sheets, obituaries, and any other material related to our Tullis ancestors. Itís only through your help that this newsletter will thrive.

Our first article helps to bring a more international flavor to the newsletter by focusing on three Tullis brothers who lived in Preston, England, in the 1800ís. The three brothers, Alexander, David, and James, were master builders responsible for the construction of many of the historic buildings in that part of England. Many thanks to Derek Wrathall for writing this article and providing the photos.

Next are two short articles about a photo and a painting related to Tullises. The photo is of a very pretty young girl identified as Miss Alma Tullis of Ellsworth, Kansas. Through a little detective work, I was able to figure out who Alma was. The painting is by the artist Jim Gray and is called The Caretaker. It shows an old man identified only as Mr. Tullis who became the self-appointed caretaker of an old cemetery in Mobile, Alabama.

Next is the second in a series of extracts from the book, The Richard Tullis Family of Columbiana County, Ohio, by Carolyn Miller and Patricia Tullys. This installment introduces John Tullis (1762-1839) and his wife Sarah Morlan (1766-1839) who moved their family from Virginia to Ohio, as well as John and Sarahís son, Richard Tullis (1794-1856) who married Rachel Barrett (1800-1856).

Next are photos provided by Sherri Tullis of the gravestones of Moses Grooms Tullis (1803-1880) and his wife Mary Summerset (1804-1879) in Oskaloosa, Iowa. They were the ancestors of many of the Tullises in that part of Iowa.

The next article, about John Tullis (1869-1939) and his families, is the third in a series of excerpts from the book Melvin Thomas Tullis: Ancestors and Descendants by Helen Tullis. John, who lived most of his life in Etowah Co, AL, was a brother of William Moses Tullis who was profiled in the last issue.

Next is some fascinating information and photos provided by Beverly J. Berrykeeper-Hoberg. It includes a transcription of a letter written in 1822 by a doctor in South Carolina in which he relates the story of a ďSarah Tillis, Indian wife of John TillisĒ whose baby was grabbed by a mountain lion but which Sarah was able to rescue. This couple is believed to be Sarah and John Tullis who moved to Gwinnett Co, Georgia, and became the ancestors of the Tullises there.

We conclude with a Tullis query submitted by one of our readers, as well as a multi-generation Tullis photo submitted by Bill Tullis of him and his father, Roger Tullis, with the painting of their ancestor, David L. Tullis (1808-1876). Iíd love to include more multi-generation photos of Tullises in future issues!

Thomas S. Tullis, Editor

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