A Family History Newsletter

Volume 2, Number 3

3rd Quarter 2003

The Richard Tullis Family of 
Columbiana County, Ohio

Part 1: Early Origins

by Carolyn Miller (carolyn_miller@hotmail.com) and Patricia Tullys (ptullys@neo.rr.com)

Editor’s Note: This is the first of what promises to be many installments of extracts from the book "The Richard Tullis Family of Columbiana County, Ohio" by Carolyn Miller and Patricia Tullys (1989). I first heard of the book several years ago, but it was only recently that I got in touch with Carolyn and Pat and obtained a copy of their book. They graciously agreed to let me re-publish parts of it in this newsletter, and provided me with an electronic copy of their family tree data and with copies of the photos in the book. The cover and contents are reproduced below. More information about the book itself, and obtaining a copy, is at the end of this article. In this first installment, we begin with a history of the Tullis Family Reunion in Columbiana County, Ohio, and information about the early ancestors of Richard Tullis (1794-1856). Richard was a descendant of Claudius Tullos (1641-1700). Future installments will cover the family of Richard Tullis and Rachel Barrett, and the families of each of their twelve children.

Tullis Reunion at Kelley's Park, Leetonia, about 1923

Front row- seated on the ground:
Mary Barnes, Florence Zimmer, Barbara Baugh, boy, man, Ira Tullis (F), Luella (Pet) Tullis, Sarabel Baugh, Grace Barnes, girl, Edward Tullis with sons Warren and Robert.

Second row- seated:
Lady in checks, Margaret Wonsettler, Mary Ann Tullis, Samantha Flickinger, Ellen Arnold, Levi Arnold, Mary Jane Tullis, Clint Tullis.

Third row- standing:
Mrs. Ira (Molly) Tullis, man, --, --, --, Blanche Wonsettler Lauten, --, --, Margaret Tullis.

Fourth row- standing in rear:
Lady, Torrence McGhee, Hazel Summers, William Lauten, Orrin Tullis, Norman Baugh, (boy), Bob Tullis, Jessie Baugh, Howard Tullis (in back).

Front row- seated on ground:
Robert Tullis, boy, girl, girl (blond), girl, Jane Baugh, --, Evelyn Tullis.

Second row- seated:
Lydia McGhee, Nellie Wonsettler, man, Nina Tullis, boy, boy.

Third row- standing:
M. Tullis (repeat), Frances Tullis, Elsie Tullis Cox, Joe Cox, Louise Stine, --, --, Alma Tullis, Minnie Tullis, Jack Tullis, Russell Esterly.

Fourth row- standing:
Ruth Sebrell, --, Helen Tullis, Jean Adams & baby, --, --, Alverta Wonsettler, Stella Collins, Ella Esterly, --.

Fifth row- in rear:
Walter Tullis, Cliff Esterly, Noble Adams, --, child, man, child, John Esterly, Robert Tullis, Loren Sebrell.

To be continued...

The Richard Tullis book, published in 1989, is 405 pages long, includes a complete name index, and contains extensive information on his ancestors and descendants. As the above sample pages show, it contains photos, copies of Bible records and marriage records, and, of course, genealogical listings. As of this newsletter’s publication date, some copies of the book were still available from the authors, Carolyn Miller (carolyn_miller@hotmail.com) or Patricia Tullys (ptullys@neo.rr.com). Contact either of them for details.

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