A Family History Newsletter

Volume 2, Number 3

3rd Quarter 2003

From the Editor

Welcome to this third issue of Volume 2 of Tullis Trees! As I write this column in September 2003, it looks like Iíll actually manage to get this issue out before the end of its target date, the third quarter. Catching up on the publishing schedule has only been possible through many readers contributing material for the newsletter. This issue continues a trend Iím very pleased with, which is that readers contributed all of the material for it! I encourage others to continue to submit articles, photos, family group sheets, obituaries, and any other material related to our Tullis ancestors.

Our first article is about David and Sarah Tullis, who moved their family from Ohio to the Nebraska frontier in 1872. The material for that article was actually compiled over many years by David and Sarahís grand-daughter, Ethel Bly Tullis (1902-1984). Ethel researched her family tree for many years, compiling extensive records, notes, and photos. The wedding photo of Ethel and her husband Richard Hoselton is so beautiful that I decided to feature it on the cover of this issue. All of Ethelís family tree material was inherited by her grand-daughter, Rebecca J. (Hoselton) Honeyman, who has been busy scanning and archiving all of the material to CD. Rebecca generously shared the material with us.

The next article, about William Moses Tullis (1869-1939) and his family, is the second in a series of excerpts from the book Melvin Thomas Tullis: Ancestors and Descendants by Helen Tullis. This article also includes material provided by Betty Adkisson. William Moses, a first cousin of Melvin Tullis profiled in the last issue, was born in Gwinnett County, Georgia, but moved his family to Etowah County, Alabama where he became minister of the Fairview Baptist Church. I expect to include a profile of Williamís brother, John, in the next issue of the newsletter.

Next is the third and concluding excerpt from the manuscript by Dr. John Louis Tullis (1911-1993), The Ancestors and Descendants of Bertram Thomas Tullis (1871-1930). The series has now reached Bertram Thomas Tullis himself and his family. The author, Dr. John Tullis, was one of the sons of Bert Tullis and his wife Elizabeth Haas. Many thanks, again, to Johnís grand-nephew, Jonathan Tullis, for sharing this manuscript with us.

I suppose that publishing extracts from Tullis family history books is becoming a bit of a theme for this newsletter, as the next article embarks on what I expect to be the first of many such extracts from the book, The Richard Tullis Family of Columbiana County, Ohio, by Carolyn Miller and Patricia Tullys. I recently acquired a copy of the book from the authors and they graciously agreed to sharing their material in this newsletter. Richard (1794-1856) was a descendant of Claudius Tullos of Virginia. This first installment covers the early history of the Tullis Reunion in Columbiana County, when the descendants began to record the history of their ancestors, as well as the early origins of the family. Since Richard and his wife Rachel Barrett had twelve children, and the book contains extensive information on each of them, we have a rich source of material for many future issues!

We conclude with some Tullis queries submitted by two of our readers, as well as two beautiful photos of Henry Tullis (1834-1919) and his wife Eliza (1844-1914). Henry was a son of David L. Tullis who was featured on the cover of Vol. 2, No. 1. Many thanks to Bill Tullis for providing these photos!

Thomas S. Tullis, Editor

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