A Family History Newsletter

Volume 2, Number 2

2nd Quarter 2003

Melvin Thomas Tullis (1873-1943)
and Family

by Helen Tullis, 110 Martha St., Winder, GA 30680-2024; email: ahr6228@alltel.net

Melvin Thomas Tullis was born June 6, 1873, in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He was an only child, born to Mahulda (Hulda) Tullis. Mahulda was the fourth child born to Moses and Nancy C. Tullis. Although Moses was born in Lincoln County, GA, they relocated to Gwinnett County and were found in the Hog Mountain District in the early 1800ís. Mahulda being the 4th child of Moses, and also the 4th daughter, probably made it hard on Moses trying to farm with all daughters. Nonetheless, these girls are shown working in the fields. Then came 6 brothers to Mahulda making a total of 10 children of Moses and Nancy:

  1. Mary Polly Tullis b. 1842 d. 10-18-1922

  2. Maria Tullis b. 1843

  3. Emily Tullis b. 8-17-1845 d. 3-23-1916

  4. Mahulda Tullis b. 2-1846 d. 1-31-1905

  5. Moses S. Tullis b. 6-25-1848 d. 1-26-1922

  6. John S. Tullis b. 7-1-1849

  7. William Holby (W.H.)(Bill) Tullis b. 1-9-1852 d. 5-6-1917

  8. James Washington Tullis b. 2-16-1856 d. 10-3-1932

  9. Thomas Tullis b. 1857 d. 1890-1900

  10. Alexander S. Tullis b. 5-1862 d. after 1910

In 1873, Mahulda had Melvin out of wedlock. His father is unknown. Moses evidently helped raise him, as he is shown living in the same household in 1880. Melvin was a farmer and of Baptist Faith, as were Moses and Mahulda. They lived around the Hog Mountain Community all their lives.

Melvin married Francis L. Hannah, b. April 1873, on Feb. 20, 1896, in Gwinnett Co., Lawrenceville, GA. He was 22 years old. Francis passed away on June 29, 1917, at age 44, leaving Melvin to raise several young children. They had 7 children together:

  1. Infant b. and d. before 1900

  2. Infant b. and d. before 1900

  3. Charlie Milton (1898-1968)

  4. Effie Victoria (1901-1963)

  5. Homer Lawson (1903-1950)

  6. Silvey Lee (1905-1972)

  7. Earnest Harvey (1908-1975)

Melvin died on April 25, 1943 at the age of 69. The cause of death was apoplexy. He was buried in The Old Hog Mountain Cemetery in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Melvinís grandfather, Moses, was born approximately 1817-1818 in Lincoln County, GA, but I have not been able to identify his parents. Any help would be appreciated. He had a brother named John Tullis who married Mary (another John & Mary). John was b. 4-3-1810, d. 8-8-1883. He also is believed to have had a sister named Elizabeth living next to him in 1850 in Gwinnett County. She married Prettyman Berry in 1847.

Editorís Notes:

It appears very likely that this Moses Tullis was a grandson of Moses and Letitia Tullis of Lincoln Co, GA, and Edgefield, SC. However, his parents are unknown. His mother appears to have been named Sarah. In addition to siblings John and Elizabeth mentioned above, it appears likely that he had a brother Simpson Tullis (b. about 1812)(who married Mary Wing) and a sister Mary Tullis (b. about 1800)(who married John Wing).

This article is abstracted from a book that Helen Tullis wrote entitled "Melvin Thomas Tullis: Ancestors and Descendants". Additional abstracts will be published in future issues of the newsletter.

Melvin Thomas Tullis

The Melvin Thomas Tullis Family

Photo taken about 1926 in Gwinnett County, Georgia

L-R: Back Row: Effie Victoria (Tullis) Stewart, Silvey Lee Tullis, Annie Mae (Stewart) Tullis (wife of Homer) holding James Tullis, Homer Lawson Tullis holding Amy Lou Tullis, Lena Adell (Vanderford) Tullis (wife of Charlie Tullis) holding Gladston Alfred "Jack" Tullis. Middle Row: William Green Stewart (husband of Effie Tullis), Melvin Thomas Tullis, Charlie Milton Tullis. Front Row: Melvin Lamar Stewart (son of Effie Tullis and Green Stewart), Anna Lou Tullis (daughter of Charlie and Lena Tullis), and Albert Lee Tullis (son of Charlie and Lena Tullis).

Charlie and Lena Tullis with two of their children, Vera Maude and Charlie Milton Jr.
Photo taken about 1942.

Earnest Harvey Tullis and his wife Annie Mae Williams

Silvey Lee, Charlie Milton, and Earnest Harvey Tullis: three brothers

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