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Volume 2, Number 2

2nd Quarter 2003

Letters to the Editor

Editorís Note: Since Iíve started receiving some letters and email messages that I thought would be of general interest to our readers, Iíve decided to start this "Letters to the Editor" section. I think it will be a good way for readers to comment on, correct, and elaborate on information contained in previous issues. Please submit your letters to me at TomTullis@aol.com, or via mail at the address inside the front cover. (Donít worry... Iíll always check with you to make sure itís OK to use your message in this section!)

Regarding Jonathan Tullis and Harvy Tullis
from Richard C. Hansen

I have just finished the new Tullis Trees [Vol. 2, No. 1], and found it very interesting. The article on Jonathan Tullis had new bits and I did notice that each of the paragraphs ascribed to L&E Little were copied verbatim from their monograph "Our Tullis Family". Details I have on Jonathan Tullis show:

  • Jonathan taxed in Berkeley County, VA, 1779
  • Jonathan taxed in Botetourt County, VA, 1782-1785 (Botetourt 1780-1781 available but he is not in those lists)
  • Jonathan taxed in Washington, TN, 1787, 1791-1792, 1793-1794 on 400 Acres, 1795, and 1797-1799 on 399 acres (1788-1790, 1796, and 1800 missing; 1801-1803 available but he is not in those lists)

The above lists show where Jonathan was (VA 1779-1785, TN 1787-1800) and fits with the deeds mentioned in the article.

I also perused the Jonathan Tullis deed found in Washington, TN, deed book E-H-I, p. 374, dated 1 Dec 1800. Jonathan Tulls (sic; also spelled Tulles later in the deed) sells for $1500.00 to William Cox 399 acres on a branch of Brush Creek, which land is "on a ridge at some graves," adjacent to Jacob Bowman and Robert Young. He signs as Jonathan Tulles (no wife) and the witnesses were Joshua Boring and Horatio Ford.

While the above deed does not list a wife, neither do any of the other deeds within twenty pages forward and back of this one. Apparently North Carolina law, which was used in Tennessee, saw women as chattel and therefore not entitled to be included in legal transactions, unless they were widows or wealthy. Also, the description includes "on a ridge at some graves" which could indicate that Jonathan had lost his wife and perhaps some children. I have reveiwed published lists of Washington, TN, graveyards and have not found one with Tullises listed. Either it was an old private cemetery now lost, or the groups recording the tombstones have not yet gotten to this particular cemetery.

Regarding the Harvy Tullis tombstone: The abstract I have from twenty years ago used a charcoal tracing of the tombstone:

  • Harvy Tullis died Oct. 16, 1836, aged 39 years, 11 months, and 19 days

  • Sarah Tullis died Apr 7, 1876, aged 79 years, 1 month, and 11 days.

Apparently the tombstone has become so worn that it cannot be properly read. The 1830 Census of Warren, OH, shows Harvy's family: males // females. Thus, Harvy, age 30-40 is born between 1790 and 1800, as per the above tombstone. Harvy married Sarah Paul 18 Mar 1817 in Champaign, OH, and was the son of Jonathan Tullis. Harvy's widow is found in the 1840 census of Fayette, IN, as: // The "Henry" mentioned as deeding the cemetery land is actually Harvy misspelled. The deeds of Fayette, IN, show that Harvy deeded the land where he was eventually buried.

I hope this helps.

Richard C. Hansen (rchansen@rocketmail.com)

More About Jonathan Tullis
from Waunita Gibbons

[Regarding Vol. 2, No. 1] In 19 years of research, this is the very first time Iíve seen a name for Jonathan Tullisí first wife!!!! Iím estatic, especially since the name, Mary, was in a sonís Bible record. And was also surprised (pleased) to see my name regarding the militia service [p. 31]. I should have mentioned that the reprint was published by the Genealogical Publishing Co. of Baltimore.

It was very interesting to read about the record of the life of Jonathan Tullis by John Louis Tullis. My research agrees for the most part. A couple of additions: in the deed of Dec. 1, 1800, the property is described using the old ...so many poles to an oak tree, etc. and also mentions that one side extends "to a ridge with some graves." Iíve always wondered if that is the burial location of the first wife, perhaps a child or two.

Secondly, the court records of Warren County, OH, show that "on the 21st of Nov. A.D. 1825, Nancy Tullis, widow of Jonathan Tullis Decíd, having filed in court her relinquishment of the administration of the estate...", etc. At that time Joseph Mulford and Garret Peterson were named administrators. A sale of Jonathanís property was held Dec. 7, 1825. It took years to settle the estate as a dispute arose between some of the sons and the adminstrators over notes theyíd given Jonathan. And the Solomon Weston, listed as an heir, was a misreading..that was Solomon Welton, indeed a son-in-law of Jonathan Tullis, the husband of Jonathanís daughter, Elizabeth.

Sure glad I decided to subscribe, and again, thanks for all the tons of work this must involve.

Waunita Gibbons (wgibbons@fbnet.net)

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