A Family History Newsletter

Volume 2, Number 2

2nd Quarter 2003

From the Editor

Well it looks like Iím gradually catching up on the publishing schedule for this newsletter, since itís still July as I write this, issue number two of 2003. In order to get the next issue out in a timely manner Iím going to need some more material, so Iíd like to encourage everyone to submit whatever you have that other Tullis researchers might be interested in. A quick look through this and previous issues should give you some ideas: old Tullis photos, gravestone photos, family group sheets, obituaries, etc.

We start this issue with Letters to the Editor, which I hope will become a regular feature. Itís an easy way to comment on, correct, or elaborate on information contained in previous issues of the newsletter. Our first two examples, from Richard C. Hansen and Waunita Gibbons, provide us with some additional information on Jonathan Tullis who was profiled in the last issue, and some clarification about the gravestone of Harvy Tullis pictured in the last issue.

Next is an article by JoAnn Balmer on Amos Fletcher Tullis, who is pictured on the cover. This is the second article by JoAnn on pioneer Tullises of the Pacific Northwest. Her article on James Wesley Tullis was in Tullis Trees, Vol. 1, No. 2. The current article profiles Amos Tullis, who was the brother of James, and who became the first mayor of Chehalis, the county seat of Lewis Co., Washington.

This is followed by a series of three related articles based on information and photos supplied by Sherri Tullis. First we have over 20 photos of Tullis gravestones in four Iowa cemeteries (Ottumwa, Shaul, and Memorial Lawn Cemeteries in Ottumwa, and Forest Cemetery in Oskaloosa). This is followed by four obituaries of some of those Tullises, including Martha Jeannette Tullis, John Howell Tullis, Anna Pearl (Teter) Tullis, and Phoebe E. (Magie) Tullis. Finally we have a reprint of an 1875 map of Mahaska County, Iowa, which marks the location of the household of Moses Grooms Tullis, the ancestor of many of the Tullises in this part of Iowa.

Next is an article by Helen Tullis on Melvin Thomas Tullis (1873-1943) of Gwinnett County, Georgia, abstracted from a book she has written on his ancestors and descendants. To those of us studying the "Southern" branch of the Tullises, it has long been a mystery exactly how the Gwinnett County Tullises "fit in" with the rest. We still donít know the full answer to that, but we at least have some theories. I hope to include more information in future issues.

Finally, we are continuing a series of extracts from a manuscript by the late Dr. John L. Tullis on The Ancestors and Descendants of Bertram Thomas Tullis (1871-1930), who was his father. The series will continue in the next issue.

Finally, the last thing I wanted to mention is a logistical change in the web site for the online version of this newsletter. We now have our own "home" on the web: www.tullistrees.org! Up until now the web site has been hosted under Rootsweb and Ancestry.comís free pages area. While it is very generous of them to provide free space, Iíve become pretty tired of the pop-up windows advertising various things. So we now have our own dedicated space, along with an easy-to-remember address, and, best of all, no pop-up ads! Iím also in the process of adding a "search" feature to the site.

Thomas S. Tullis, Editor

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