A Family History Newsletter

Volume 2, Number 2

2nd Quarter 2003

The Ancestors and Descendants of Bertram Thomas Tullis (1871-1930)

Part 2: David L. and John Cartmell Tullis

Compiled in 1983 by his son, John Louis Tullis, M.D. (1911 - 1993)

Editorís Note: As introduced in the last issue of "Tullis Trees", we are continuing with extracts from a manuscript written by the late Dr. John Louis Tullis in 1983 about his Tullis family tree. A copy of the manuscript was provided by Jonathan Tullis, Johnís grand-nephew. The last issue covered "The Second Generation", Jonathan Tullis, and "The Third Generation", Ezra Tullis. We now continue with "The Fourth Generation", David L. Tullis (whose portrait appeared on the cover of the last issue) and "The Fifth Generation", John Cartmell Tullis. Appendices mentioned in the text are not included. The series will conclude in the next issue of the newsletter.


David L. Tullis was the second son born to Ezra and Mary Blue Tullis. A copy of his biography published in "The History of Champaign County Ohio" is appended. It is apparent that he was a man held in high esteem in the community. In the section of the book dealing with the Underground Movement during the Civil War David is mentioned as being an active participant in that cause.

On July 8, 1831 David married Nancy Cartmell who was born Feb. 18, 1812 in Mechanicsburg and died Dec. 1, 1898 in Mechanicsburg. Nancy's parents, John and Sophia (Leutz) Cartmell, migrated from Virginia to Union Township, Champaign Co. in 1800.

The bodies of both David and his wife, Nancy, are buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery, Mechanicsburg.

The Aug. 22, 1850 Census of Mechanicsburg lists only six of the seven children of David and Nancy Tullis. The oldest son, Henry, may have established his own household before the Census was taken. David's real estate holdings were assessed in the amount of $4,000.00. The seven children born to David L. and Nancy C. Tullis were:

  1. Henry, born 1834, Champaign Co., died 3-21-1919, Champaign Co., married Jan. 23, 1862 Clark Co., Ohio to Eliza Cartme11 Fisher daughter of Thomas d. and Amanda Fisher. Amanda Fisher was the granddaughter of John and Sophia Leutz Cartmell (who were the parents of Henry's mother).
  2. Ezra W. - no known date.
  3. Sara Elizabeth born and died in Champaign Co., married March 20, 1855 Champaign Co. to John T. Williams.
  4. Mary A. born 1840, Champaign Co., died July 14, 1913, married Apr. 6, 1858 to George R. Longbrake who died July I, 1894, Champaign Co.
  5. Helen M., born Champaign Co., died Oct. 29, 1884, Champaign Co., married Oct. 2, 1867, Champaign Co. to Lewis L. Little.
  6. John Cartmell, born Apr. 6, 1846, Champaign Co., (See details below).
  7. David F., born 1849, Champaign Co., died Mar. 5, 1887, married a. Eva Pangborn, born 1852, died Mar. 20, 1876. b. Fannie Wren (who is buried in Florida). David F. and Eva P. Tullis are buried in Maple Grove Cemetery, Mechanicsburg.


John Cartmell TULLIS was born in Mechanicsburg on Apr. 6, 1846, lived there most of his life and died there on Jan. 23, 1932. He served during the Civil War in Company B., 32nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry from Mar. 28, 1864 to July 20, 1865. Some of the highlights of his premarital life are revealed in his application for a Civil War Veteran's Pension. His reply in answer to questions asked by the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions is dated Nov. 14,1889, Mechanicsburg. It is reproduced verbatim herewith:

In answer to the written history - born & raised here and enlisted here lived in Oxford Indiana from 1866 to 1870 and then returned to Mechanicsburg and have lived here since. My occupation has been a druggist from 1867 to 1880 and was unable to carry on the business and was compelled to retire on accint (sic) of Rheumatism and Piles and from 1880 to 1889 I have been overseeing stock and farming business but never able to do manuel (sic) labor on the farm.
The origin of my disability was chronic Diaria (sic) contracted at Huntsville Alabama and the rheumatism on the Atlanta Campaign in 1864 and have been a Sufferer each year since. Not so much with Diaria but of piles brought on by diaria and now when I am afflicted with the least degree of diaria piles is shure (sic) to follow. I was treated by Dr. Thomas Bond while in the Army and since until his death I was treated by Clark & Demand. Dr. Clark is deceased and Dr. Demand has taken over since 1880 who is now living here and while I was engaged in the Drug business I treated myself and have done everything that could be thought of to no avail. 1879 to 1880 I was unable to carry on my business and was confined to my bed also before that time at short intervals I would be up and down more less each year since 1889 & during the months of Aug & Sep I was unable to do anything & was treated by Dr. Demand. I believe I have answered therewith questions as near as I can and as I am just going away for stock I take the leave of writing on your circular hoping it will answer.
Yours & 
John C. Tullis

John C. Tullis was granted pension #488144 which in later years was said to have amounted to $100.00 per month (per Zillah Tullis Owen).

On Oct. 31, 1867 21-year-o1d John Cartmell Tullis presumably during a period of remission of his illness, married Anna Rachel Thomas in Oxford, Indiana. Anna Thomas was born Jan. 28, 1848 in Columbia, Ind., died Sept. 11, 1911 in Mechanicsburg. She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Fillius) Thomas. Anna's siblings were 3 brothers, John, Charles and Earl and a sister, Rosa.

The appended Xerox copy of a part of the eulogy delivered by the Rev. Horatio Ogden at the funeral service for Anna Thomas Tullis tells more about John's and Anna's lives together.

Sometime after Anna's death John C. married a second time to a widow who was politely received, but not whole-heartedly embraced by her adult daughters-in-law. As grandchildren we were taught to address grandfather's second wife as "Mrs. Tullis". There were no children by this second marriage.

Poor health not withstanding, John C. Tullis out-lived several of his doctors, both of his wives and his only son. At the time of his death on Jan 2l, 1932 at 85 years, 9 months of age he was still managing his 340+ acre farm in Union Township near Mechanicsburg. His will is filed in the Champaign Co., C.H., Urbana, Ohio.

Both John and his wife Anna were buried in the Maple Grove Cemetery, Mechanicsburg.

The children of John C. and Anna T. Tu1lis were:

  1. Zillah, born Aug. 22, 1868, Oxford, Indiana, died 1945, Mechanicsburg, married Aug. 7, 1902 to Fred Owen who was born in 1862 and died in 1956. Fred owned and operated a store in Mechanicsburg dealing mainly in books, stationery, Queensware and other china, and glassware. Zillah and Fred had no children. Both are buried in Mechanicsburg.
  2. Bertram Thomas, born Sept. 8, 1871 in Oxford, Indiana. (See below for details)
  3. Dorothy, born Jan. 8, 1879 in Mechanicsburg, died Feb. 19, 1974 in Greenwich, Conn., married to Charles Waite Phellis, born 1875 in Mechanicsburg, died in Greenwich, Conn. Both are buried in Mechanicsburg. C.W. Phellis was a Vice President of the DuPont Co. and a Yale College (Sheffield Scientific School) graduate. They had no children.
  4. Florence Alice, born Dec. 19, 1888 in Mechanicsburg and died there on Aug. 11, 1975. Florence remained a spinster. She taught English Literature at the Emma Willard School for Girls and at other public and private schools. After retirement she returned to Mechanicsburg and lived with Fred and Zillah Owen both of whom predeceased her.

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