A Family History Newsletter

Volume 2, Number 1

1st Quarter 2003

Tullis Questions, Queries, etc.

Submitted by LaRhesa Allen Pilcher (Lgpilcher@aol.com):

I am trying to trace my Allen family and not getting very far. On my grandfather's death certifcate it lists a Phillip E. Allen as his father and his motherís maiden name as Tullis. I have found a listing of a Purnind Elizabeth Tullis and Phillip marriage license in Sunflower, Mississippi. They are listed in the 1880 census in Washington County, MS. The only information I have on my great-grandparents is that they both died in 1886 and are buried at Allentown Cemetery in Semmes, AL. Does anyone have any information on Purnind Elizabeth Tullis? I am not sure if this Phillip and Purnind are my great grandparnets. I am tryng to prove this one way or the other. Thanks for any help.

Random questions from the Editor, Tom Tullis (TomTullis@aol.com):

In the last issue of Tullis Trees, there was extensive information on Michael Ezra Tullis (1756-1832). I now realize that Iíve never seen any original sources showing a middle name or even initial for him. However, Iíve found information from other researchers dating back at least 10 years giving his middle name as "Ezra". Does anyone have any original sources for that information?

In a future issue of this newsletter I plan to include an article about what we actually know and donít know about Moses Tullis and Mary Elizabeth Van Dyke. Does anyone have any original sources to document their marriage?

Harvey Tullis Gravestone

Ruth Sims (ruthsims@earthlink.net) writes:

Back in 1998, my daughters and I discovered a Tullis Cemetery in Fayette County, Indiana. In the graveyard I found a headstone for a Harvey Tullis who died in October 1836, aged 83 years. This would make him born about 1753. His wife's name was Sarah. The land for the cemetery was given by a Henry Tullis according to a Fayette County history book. I have never been able to find out who this Harvey Tullis is or, for that matter, Henry.

Editorís Note: The year of birth for this Harvey Tullis makes him the right age to have been a son of Moses Tullis and Mary Elizabeth, or perhaps a son of one of the brothers of Moses. If anyone has any thoughts, please contact Ruth (ruthsims@earthlink.net) or me (TomTullis@aol.com).


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